I am a creative professional working conceptually and hands-on with sartorial matters.

At the moment, I am a part of Melonit, a knitted underwear project launching soon! I also co-run Tilaa Tekstiilille organization that aims in establishing a Textile Lab in Finland. Our demo SOFTISLAB opens in August 2021. In the fall I will continue working as a costume designer in the initiative Working Class Background Embodied towards the premiere which will be held in the autumn season of 2021 at JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre in northern Finland. 

I hold a master’s degree in Fashion, Clothing, and Textile Design from Aalto University (2018) and my work has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kone Foundation, and The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture.

I work in a shared studio located in the verdant Kumpula neighborhood in Helsinki where I also garden a small lot. This summer I am planning on growing many new dye plants.