I am a fashion designer striving to work towards sustainability change in the fields of fashion and performing arts. Care, material agency and aesthetics of sustainability are themes I am currently interested in.

Aesthetically, I am drawn to vivid colours, atypical colour combinations and intriguing textures. Upcycled materials, chosen by the means of intuition and chance, are the foundation of my work as a costume designer.

At the moment I co-run Softislab, a platform for kind, curious and experimental activities with textiles, clothes and fashion. We arrange courses and workshops and aim to provide professionals opportunities for artistic work. We are specialised in natural dyeing and screen printing.

I hold a master’s degree in Fashion, Clothing, and Textile Design from Aalto University (2018) and my work has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kone Foundation, and The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture.

Contact: mari@nurmenniemi.com